Diamond Bundle

The “Gold Bundle” includes 8 plugins. Certificate Tracker Pro, Certificate Verifier, Portfolio of Evidence, Quiz Embed, Quiz Notifications, H5P, Countdown Timer, User Name Lock.

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Silver Bundle

The “Bronze Bundle” includes 2 plugins. This is the perfect combination for LearnDash Quizzes and includes Quiz Embed and Quiz Notifications for LearnDash.

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Bronze Bundle

The “Silver Bundle” includes 3 plugins. This is the perfect combination for Certifications. Certificate Tracker Pro, Certificate Verifier and User Name Lock.

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Interactive Book, Various Modes

The main purpose of this plugin is to add three different evaluation modes for InteractiveBook content in LearnDash. InteractiveBook is a specific type of learning content that can be created using the H5P authoring tool. The evaluation modes provide different criteria for determining whether a user has successfully completed or passed an InteractiveBook.

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Advanced Blanks, No Empty Fields

The main purpose of this plugin is to enhance the functionality of the “AdvancedBlanks” content type provided by the H5P plugin. AdvancedBlanks allows users to fill in the blanks in interactive content. This plugin ensures that users cannot progress through a course if they leave any blank fields empty. In other words, all fields must be filled in for the user’s response to be considered valid and allow course progression.

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Countdown Timer for LearnDash

Introducing our user-friendly Countdown Timer for LearnDash plugin, designed to display the remaining time for learners to complete their LearnDash courses. Simply add the shortcode to your course page and ensure that your learners stay on track! Please note that currently, the plugin is compatible only with Course pages. However, stay tuned for future updates as we plan to add more options soon!

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H5P for LearnDash

With this powerful tool, you can add interactive content to your lessons, topics, and quiz questions, giving learners a more immersive and personalised learning experience. Whether you’re a teacher, trainer, or course creator, the H5P plugin is an essential tool for improving the effectiveness of your LearnDash courses

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