H5P for LearnDash Addon

Course Presentation, All Correct

The plugin’s main purpose is to ensure that all interactions within the CoursePresentation module of LearnDash have correct answers before allowing course progression. It works alongside the H5P for LearnDash plugin, which is required for this plugin to function correctly.

(Requires a H5P for LearnDash License, must be LoggedIn to Download)


The plugin modifies the response data of interactions within the CoursePresentation module. It checks if an interaction belongs to the CoursePresentation module and if the score is not already set to 1. If scaled score is not 1, it sets the scaled score to 0, indicating that the interaction was answered incorrectly.

Overall, this plugin ensures that learners must answer all interactions correctly in the CoursePresentation module before they can progress further in the course. It helps maintain the integrity of the learning experience and provides a mechanism for instructors to verify that learners have understood the content.

Please note that this explanation provides a high-level overview of the plugin’s purpose and features. The code contains more detailed implementation logic to achieve the desired functionality.

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