Prevent Students from Changing their First and Last Name

Secure Authentication of course Certificates: Protecting Issued Certificates for Quizzes and Courses

Protect authentication of LearnDash Certificates once a quiz or course certificate has been issued.

(1 Site, Yearly Licence)


Students or users should freely modify their first and last names initially. However, once they have obtained their first certificate, there should be restrictions in place to prevent them from changing their names independently. If a user wishes to modify their name after receiving a certificate, they should submit a name change request. Only an authorized individual, typically an administrator within the organization, should have the capability to make these changes.

To facilitate this functionality, the ‘User Meta Protector for LearnDash’ plugin can be employed. This plugin effectively implements the desired behavior, as it restricts users with one or more LearnDash certificates from altering their first and last names independently. This ensures that the integrity of the certificates remains intact, as the users’ identities are preserved. The responsibility of approving name changes lies solely with authorized personnel within the organization, such as administrators. They possess the necessary privileges to modify the user’s information appropriately.

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