The Easiest Way to View Quiz Statistics

Manage Quiz Questions and Answers: Email, View, and Print with Quiz Notifications for LearnDash

One of the features available to admins and group leaders is the ability to print quiz questions and answers for individual users using the Reporting Option.


(1 Site, Yearly License, Requires LearnDash 3.0 and above)


Three reasons why you need the Quiz Notification for LearnDash plugin

  1. You can email users Quiz Question and Answers with “LearnDash Notifications”. Just add our Quiz Notification Shortcodes into supported quiz related notifications.
  2. Insert a Last Quiz Shortcodes to any page or post. This it allows users to view Quiz Statistics on any page or post and does not require LearnDash Notifications to be installed and activated on your site.
  3. Your users can Print their previously completed Quiz results at any time. They can also print content on and page or post with a Print Shortcode.

Plugin Requirements

To send email results, LearnDash Notifications must be activated and installed on your site. Please ensure that your LearnDash Notifications are sending emails before using Quiz Notifications for LearnDash.

Supported LearnDash Notification Triggers
Our plugin requires quiz data therefore it will output nothing when used in notifications set to other than Quiz related triggers. Let’s take a look at each trigger in more detail. Note: The description of following triggers is based on ‘LearnDash Notifications’ version 1.4.x.

  1. User Submits a Quiz
    This notification triggers after users ‘finish’ the Quiz, regardless if the quiz contains graded or non-graded essays.
  2. User Completes a Quiz
    Same as “User Submits a Quiz”, the notification will trigger after the user ‘finishes’ the Quiz. However all essay(s) need to be approved (graded).
  3. User Passes a Quiz
    This notification will trigger when a user passes the Quiz. It requires all essays to be graded.
  4. User Fails a Quiz
    This notification will only trigger when a user fails a Quiz. It requires all answers to be graded including the essays (see above).


Screenshot: Click the download button below for a sample

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