Certificate Verifier for LearnDash

Need to verify if a user has earned a valid certificate?

(The Certificate Tracker for Learndash needs to be active and installed for this plugin to work.)


(1 Site, Yearly Licence)

Just add our shortcode to any page of your choosing. This shortcode when rendered on the front end of your site will display a search box. This will allow anyone to verify the authenticity of a certificates on your site. We’ve also made it possible for you to render a QR Code on your certificates. This is an addon plugin and works in conjunction with the Certificate Tracker For LearnDash plugin. The certificate tracker needs to be installed to be able to use this plugin.

The Certificate Verifier enables verification in two ways

By scanning the QR code found on the certificate or manually verifying by inserting the certificate ID in a search box. Regardless of which one of these modes is used to verify a certificate, the first step is to create a wordpress page and give the page a unique name, perhaps call it “Verifier”.

Enter the following Certificate ID in the search box below.


Scan QR Code

Please Note! You can restrict access to the search box

If admin wish to restrict access as to who can verify certificates, you can. There are multiple ways to do this. One way to restrict access is by using the “Restrict Content” plugin and wrapping our shortcode in it like this:

[restrict userlevel=”subscriber”][elc_ssc_front_search][/restrict]

Want to add QR Codes to your certificates?

We are using the FREE plugin “Shortcodes Ultimate”, to add QR Codes to certificates. All you need to do is install the plugin. Create a QR Code and place the QR Code shortcode on your certificate. We take care of the rest. The code can be easily scanned with most mobile devices like cell phone or tablet. Depending on your device you might require a 3rd Party App.

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