Quiz Notification Shortcodes

After you have our plugin installed and activated, you will be able to insert a handful of extra shortcodes in your LearnDash Notifications. We made sure you stay in control of your own ship. You decide which shortcodes should be inserted into your Notification. You could easily create 3 notifications. One to the User, one to the Group Leader, and one to the admin. For example, if you are capturing extra form data with “Custom Fields”. You might not want to add the [elc_ldquiz_notifications show="custom_fields"] shortcode in the notification to a user. The magic does not end here. What happens if you don’t want to email the Quiz Results? Did you know you can display Quiz statistics in your course content, or any page or post?

Please Note: The following shortcodes will only work with Quiz Related Notifications.

Quiz Notification Shortcodes For LearnDash Notification

Time Spent[elc_ldquiz_notifications show="timespent"]
Custom Fields[elc_ldquiz_notifications show="custom_fields"]
Results Message[elc_ldquiz_notifications show="result_message"]
Overall Score[elc_ldquiz_notifications show="overall_score"]
Questions and Answers[elc_ldquiz_notifications show="questions_answers"]

Shows all Questions and Answers. Essays will contain links to the users essays.
[elc_ldquiz_notifications show="questions_answers" show_essay]

Shows all Questions and Answers. Essay text will be included in the notification.
Essay Uploads will only display links to the users Essay.

[elc_ldquiz_notifications show="questions_answers" question_cat]

Displays Question Category for each Question.
[elc_ldquiz_notifications show="questions_answers" show_essay question_cat]

Shows the above shortcodes in one.
Category Overview[elc_ldquiz_notifications show="cat_overview"]

Display a Category overview table. Will only display if this option is turned on in the Quiz Settings.
Quiz Notification Shortcodes For LearnDash Notification
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