Test Quiz with H5P content

This is a test quiz where the questions are set with LD and/or H5P.

Possible way to update LD results with H5P results.


  1. The quiz must have one question with answer type of ‘Assessment’ and ‘Different points for each answer’ must be checked ON.
  2. For ease of this example the answer should have as many assessments as the max_points for inserted H5P content.


  1. @See: \LD_QuizPro::ld_adv_quiz_pro_ajax() function.
  2. Put the break at LN:90
    $data = isset( $_POST['data'] ) ? (array)$_POST['data'] : null;
  3. Run Quiz, select ‘Finish Quiz’ button.
  4. When debugging at the breakpoint change the

    to the value being in the range set in the question.

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