Notifications and Automations

Notificatio, Automation etc.LD Notification typeFluentCRM TypeLD Achievement Type
User enrolls into a groupEmailTagPop-Up
User enrolls into a courseEmailTagPop-Up
User completes a courseEmailTagPop-Up
User completes a lessonEmailTagPop-Up
A scheduled lesson is available to userEmail
User completes a topicEmailTagPop-Up
User completes a quizEmailPop-Up
User passes a quizEmailPop-Up
User fails a quizEmailPop-Up
User submits a quizEmail
An essay has been submittedEmail
An essay question has been gradedEmailPop-Up
An assignment is uploadedEmailPop-Up
An assignment is approvedEmailPop-Up
User hasn’t logged in for “X” daysEmail
“X” days before course expiresEmail
“X” days after a course expiresEmail
Grade manually added to the Gradebook for a Student*Email
Remove from CourseTag
Remove from GroupTag
User registration (Wordpress)TagPop-Up
User logs in (Wordpress)TagPop-Up
User Adds a post (Wordpress)Pop-Up
User Adds a comment (Wordpress)Pop-Up
User’s post Gets visited (Wordpress)Pop-Up
Quiz score above % (Learndash)Pop-Up
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