Hide Specific Courses From the LearnDash Profile

In some cases, you may not want certain courses to appear on a user’s profile page. This could be because the course is no longer relevant or because it’s an “open” course that anyone can access without enrollment. Whatever the reason, hiding courses from a user’s profile page is a simple process that only requires a bit of custom CSS.

To get started, open your site’s CSS file or use a custom CSS plugin to add the following code:

/* Hide selected courses from the LearnDash Profile */
div#ld-course-list-item-46904 {
    display: none;

In this example, we’re hiding a specific course with the ID “46904”. To hide multiple courses, simply repeat the code block with a different course ID each time.

Once you’ve added the custom CSS, the selected courses will no longer appear on the user’s profile page. Keep in mind that this will affect all user’s view of the profile page.

Overall, hiding specific courses from a user’s profile page is a quick and easy way to declutter the page and improve the user experience.

Hope this helps…

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