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Unlock the Power of proof with our Portfolio of Evidence plugin

The “Portfolio of Evidence for LearnDash” plugin offers a convenient and efficient solution for compiling and managing student work, generating comprehensive transcripts, and safeguarding valuable course data.

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At ELearning Complete, we are proud to present our innovative plugin, “Portfolio of Evidence for LearnDash.” This powerful tool empowers administrators and Group Leaders to unlock the true potential of e-learning assessments.

But what does “portfolio of evidence” mean? In this context, a portfolio of evidence refers to a comprehensive collection of documented materials that showcase a student’s learning journey and accomplishments. With our plugin, administrators and Group Leaders can effortlessly download a convenient Zip Archive. This archive contains all the essays and assignments that students have uploaded throughout the course.

But that’s not all! Our plugin goes the extra mile by generating a Transcript of the completed course in PDF format. This Transcript includes a comprehensive overview of the entire course content, encompassing lessons, topics, and quizzes. It offers a holistic snapshot of the student’s progress and engagement.

The Transcript captures the course content exactly as it existed at the time of completion by the student. Any new content added to the course after its completion will not be included in the Transcript. If you wish to include the users’ quiz questions and answers in the Transcript, our additional “Quiz Notifications for LearnDash” plugin is required at this time. We are currently working on support for the default Quiz Statistics.

To ensure data security and easy access, once a user’s portfolio of evidence has been downloaded, a copy is automatically saved in the designated directory: (wp-content/uploads/elc/zips). This feature provides peace of mind, allowing you to download a user’s content before permanently deleting their course data.

Experience the benefits of the Portfolio of Evidence plugin and unveil the true potential of your students’ learning achievements. It’s time to showcase their progress like never before!

What is a Portfolio of Evidence?

A portfolio of evidence typically refers to a collection or compilation of documented materials that demonstrate an individual’s skills, abilities, achievements, and experiences. It serves as a tangible representation of the individual’s knowledge, growth, and competence in a particular field or area.

The purpose of a portfolio of evidence varies depending on the context in which it is used. Here are a few common examples:

  1. Education: In an educational setting, such as schools or universities, students often create portfolios of evidence to showcase their learning progress, skills, and accomplishments. These portfolios may include samples of their work, such as essays, projects, artwork, or presentations. They can also contain reflective statements, self-assessments, and feedback from teachers or mentors.
  2. Professional Development: Professionals, such as teachers, artists, or designers, may create portfolios to demonstrate their expertise and professional growth. These portfolios may include examples of their best work, certifications, testimonials, client feedback, and evidence of ongoing professional development activities.
  3. Employment: Job seekers may use a portfolio of evidence during the application and interview process to highlight their relevant skills, qualifications, and achievements. This could include examples of completed projects, performance evaluations, letters of recommendation, and evidence of successful outcomes or impact in previous roles.
  4. Legal and Compliance: In legal proceedings or regulatory contexts, a portfolio of evidence may be compiled to support a particular claim or argument. This could include documents, photographs, videos, witness statements, expert opinions, or any other relevant materials that substantiate the case being presented.

Overall, a portfolio of evidence serves as a comprehensive record that validates an individual’s abilities, accomplishments, and growth. It provides a visual and tangible representation of their skills and competencies, making it a valuable tool in education, professional development, employment, and legal contexts.


Plugin Road Map

  • Upload external files to be included in the Zip Archive.
  • Ability to clean the uploads folder (wp-content/uploads/elc/zips).
  • Include certificates in the Zip Archive.
  • Generate a Course Curriculum (snap shot of course content).
  • Implement a settings page:
    Configuring the output of the quiz answers
    Selecting what to include in the output
  • Implement a Table of Contents (TOC).
  • Upon applying for recertification, clear users course data (optional).
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