Topic 1: Quiz embedded directly in the topic

  • There is no limit to the number of incorrect answers you can provide
  • Choose the correct answer by selecting the radio button for “Correct”
  • Check the “Allow HTML” box if you’d like to use HTML in your answer
  • Add images or other media by clicking the “Add Media” button
  • Delete an answer by clicking the “Delete answer” button
  • Add a new answer by clicking the “Add new answer” button
  • Move answers around by long-pressing the “Move” button and dragging the answer up or down

Let’s look very carefully at the content on this page. Can you see a Quiz Content table below? No of course you don’t. Our ‘Quiz Embed for LearnDash’ plugin has removed the content table and embed the quiz directly on a page. Pretty cool don’t you think? Now there is no need to click a quiz link below the content to go and take a quiz. It’s one less click for the learner!

What else do you notice? Can you see the ‘Start Quiz‘ button on the page. The quiz is embedded directly on the page. There will be certain occasions when you would choose not to activate this feature. This setting is controlled on a per quiz basis.

You must get 100% for this Quiz: If you fail you will not be able to progress to the next topic. This is done on purpose so you can see that our plugin does block progression. Go ahead and fail the quiz on your first attempt. Select all the options on your first attempt.

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