H5P Suite – Timeline – Topic

NO xAPI implementation

H5P content info:

Edit H5P content ID: 55
H5P.org example: Timeline

ELC H5P Library Info:
Library name:Timeline
Library version:1.1.21
xAPI implementation:NO
On the white list:NO

The Library name and version are pulled from content definition stored in database.

No behaviours to configure.
Testing notes:
  • There are no xAPI events are triggered. On how to listen to xAPI events see: H5P and xAPI page.
  • LearnDash progress control (such as 'Mark Complete') button state (enabled/disabled) is set by LearnDash only.
  • If 'Debug' is enabled in Settings page, the 'elc_h5p' shortcode should print 'DEBUG: Not on the white-list'.
    Otherwise the 'elc_h5p' shortcode should not be rendered.