H5P Suite – Quiz (Question Set) – Topic

xAPI implemented

H5P content info:

Edit H5P content ID: 13
H5P.org example: Quiz (Question Set)

ELC H5P Library Info:
Library name:QuestionSet
Library version:1.17.6
xAPI implementation:YES
On the white list:YES

The Library name and version are pulled from content definition stored in database.

Behavioural settings:
Show "Check" buttons true true
Override "Show Solution" button off none
Override "Retry" button off none

The configuration (field values in 'Behavioural settings') are set when editting the H5P content are pulled from content definition stored in database. The field labels and default values which populate 'Behavioural settings' are pulled from semantics.json file.

The H5P.org examples may have settings that do differ from library defaults.

Testing notes:
  • xAPI events are triggered. On how to listen to xAPI events see: H5P and xAPI page.
  • LearnDash progress control (such as 'Mark Complete') button state (enabled/disabled) is overriden by H5P content result completion.
  • The 'elc_h5p' shortcode should print messages as configured in Settings page.
    If 'Debug' is enabled in Settings page and 'ignore' attribute is present, the 'elc_h5p' shortcode should print 'DEBUG: Ignored'.
Note: Must click ‘Finish’ button to submit results. This issues event that can be evaluated.

Must complete message.