H5P Suite – Find Multiple Hotspots – Topic

xAPI implemented

H5P content info:

Edit H5P content ID: 28
H5P.org example: Find Multiple Hotspots

ELC H5P Library Info:
Library name:ImageMultipleHotspotQuestion
Library version:1.0.1
xAPI implementation:YES
On the white list:YES

The Library name and version are pulled from content definition stored in database.

No behaviours to configure.
Testing notes:
  • xAPI events are triggered. On how to listen to xAPI events see: H5P and xAPI page.
  • LearnDash progress control (such as 'Mark Complete') button state (enabled/disabled) is overriden by H5P content result completion.
  • The 'elc_h5p' shortcode should print messages as configured in Settings page.
    If 'Debug' is enabled in Settings page and 'ignore' attribute is present, the 'elc_h5p' shortcode should print 'DEBUG: Ignored'.
Number of correct hotspots that need to be found for question completion: 2 (default).

Out of the box, this content type requires at least one point (correct answer) to pass, which results the ‘Mark Complete’ button to be enabled. After the ‘Number of correct hotspots’ is reached, user will not be able to interact with this content.

It looks as if this content type does save only result (‘wp_h5p_results’ database table) but does NOT save the progress (‘wp_h5p_contents_user_data’ database table).
Because of above the content does not highlight selected hotspots on page reload.

Must complete message.