Quiz Notifications for LearnDash

Update: New features coming Monday 5th, June 2021. Sales are temporarily suspended!

Quiz Notifications for LearnDash was developed as a direct result of a common question being asked in the FaceBook group, LearnDash LMS Tips and Tricks: “How can I email a user’s Quiz Questions and Answers”?

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What is ‘LearnDash Notifications’? This is a free add-on you can install on your site. It enables you to send emails after certain actions occur on your site, such as completing a course, finishing a lesson, passing/failing a quiz etc. However there is no way to send users quiz Questions and Answers in an email.

With ‘LearnDash Notifications’ you can select the 3 main receipts to receive Notifications. The User, Group Leader and Admin. Let’s explore the benefits of our plugin in more detail. Learn more about LearnDash Notifications here.


Please ensure that your ‘LearnDash Notifications’ are sending emails before using ‘Quiz Notifications for LearnDash’.


When you create a new ‘LearnDash Notification’ and select a required trigger, the editor displays a variety of unique shortcodes that can be inserted into the email body of the notification.

We also provide a unique shortcode ‘elc_ldquiz_notifications’ that you can add to the email body. The shortcode uses the same format as the shortcode provided by ‘LearnDash Notifications’ plugin.

Note: Before inserting our shortcode make sure the notification works as expected and emails are sending.

Our shortcode uses the ‘show’ parameter (required), where the value specifies what will be printed in the email body, e.g.
[elc_ldquiz_notifications show="questions_answers”] will output student’s Questions and Answers.

The following are allowed values for the ‘show’ parameter:

  1. Custom Fields
    If you are gathering extra custom data from you users before or after taking a quiz. All the data is stored in the Quiz Statistics. With the following [elc_ldquiz_notifications show="custom_fields"] you can display this data in the email. This info is probably more intended for the Group Leader and Admin. So proceed with caution.
  1. Results Messages
    For each Learndash Quiz you create, you can display a custom message to the user after taking the quiz. The custom messages are based on the earned score by the user. With the following Shortcode [elc_ldquiz_notifications show="result_message"] you can display this data in the email.
  1. Quiz Summary
    In the “Results Page Display” option for a quiz. You can show or hide the “Overall Score” (You have reached 1 of 26 point(s), (3.85%) when a user completes a quiz. If you are displaying this then use the following shortcode [elc_ldquiz_notifications show="quiz_summary"]].
  1. Questions and Answers
    To display the questions and answers for a quiz use the following [elc_ldquiz_notifications show="questions_answers"]. This will also show the points scored for each question.

Supported Notification Tiggers

Our plugin requires quiz data therefore it will output nothing when used in notifications set to other than Quiz related triggers. Let’s take a look at each trigger in more detail.

Note: The description of following triggers is based on ‘LearnDash Notifications’ version 1.4.x.

  1. User Submits a Quiz
    This notification triggers after users ‘finish’ the Quiz, regardless if the quiz contains graded or non-graded essays.
  1. User Completes a Quiz
    Same as “User Submits a Quiz”, the notification will trigger after the user ‘finishes’ the Quiz. However all essay(s) need to be approved (graded).
  1. User Passes a Quiz
    This notification will trigger when a user passes the Quiz. It requires all essays to be graded.
  1. User Fails a Quiz
    This notification will only trigger when a user fails a Quiz. It requires all answers to be graded including the essays (see above).

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