Hide The Quiz Intro Message

Also compatible with the Quiz Embed for LearnDash Plugin


Do you need to hide an introduction message on quiz pages before a user clicks the “Start Quiz” button? With our little code snippet you can. It is also compatible with our Quiz Embed for LearnDash Plugin, so now you can hide content on your lesson and topic pages too.

Why would you want to hide the Intro text on a Quiz page?

Often the introductory text on a quiz page page is purely for Instructional purposes. So there may be times when you might want to hide the content on the page after a user starts their quiz. Hiding the content on the quiz page reduces clutter and distraction.

How do you hide the text?

  1. Wrap your content around a div in text mode if you are using the classic editor.
<div class="elc-intro">Need to add the code here</div>
  1. Add elc-intro to the Additional CSS Class(es) in your Gutenberg blocks. Click here to learn how…