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How to Embed Quizzes Directly into Lessons and Topic Pages

with the Quiz Embed for LearnDash Plugin

An essential part of any elearning course is to provide quizzes to evaluate learning progress and outcomes. And providing mini-quizzes throughout a course is a great way to help learners reflect on what they are learning. There are multiple benefits when you add a quiz at the end of each lesson. They should be used so that learners can evaluate if they they have successfully digested the information before moving onto the next section. I personally like to think of them as worksheets. Mini-quizzes allow learners to figure out what they do know, what they don’t, what they need to focus on, and how to improve.

But there is an obstacle when creating mini-quizzes. It creates too many ‘clicks’ or extra steps for the learner.

Test The Quiz Embed Plugin for Yourself

If you would like to test the benefits of the Quiz Embed for LearnDash plugin. We encourage you to enrol in this course and experience it for yourself. There is a small fee to enrol and will issue you a refund provided you purchase the Quiz Embed for LearnDash Plugin. All you need to do is send us a note. More information can be found on the plugin page. For the purpose of this test course we will be using content taken from the LearnDash documentation.

Please note: LearnDash does offer you that ability to use Quiz Shortcodes. But unfortunately the UI is not great.