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Test Drive the Certificate Tracker and Verifier for LearnDash

In this in this Simple 1 MINUTE course you are going to be test driving our 2 plugins. The Certificate Tracker for Learndash adds unique Certificate ID’s to LearnDash certificates, and the Certificate Verifier for Learndash allows anyone to verify the authenticity of a student certificates on the front end of your site.

To be able to test drive the Certificate Tracker and Verifier for Learndash, you are first going to have to enroll on this FREE Course. There is nothing fancy about this course. It’s one simple lesson and a very basic Quiz. That’s it! Once the lesson has been completed you will earn yourself 2 awesome certificates. One quiz certificate and one course certificate. Both certificates will contain a unique Certificate ID and a QR Code.

  1. When you click the QR Code on your certificate, it will open a new tab in your browser taking you directly to our search page to verify your certificate.
  2. Scanning the QR Code with your mobile device will load our search page on your device.
  3. Copy or manually type the certificate ID on our site. Here is a link to the verification page to do a manual search.

At E|Learning Complete we love woocommerce. It just works! When setup correctly, it’s clean and simple. Here you will be testing Woocommerce to enroll yourself into a test course. Click the ‘Take this Course’ button below to enroll in the course. This will take you directly to the shopping cart. No payment is necessary. If you were to be purchasing a course there would be one extra step, that is to complete a transaction.


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